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Eva Scalzo Academic Advising guides high school students on their journey
to college with a 99% college-of-choice acceptance rate.

Eva Scalzo Academic Advising is a highly specialized college advising practice which guides high school students on their journey to college acceptance. We provide a comprehensive, unique and individualized approach that helps students discover their true passions and target universities that meet their personal and educational needs. Every year, an amazing and select group of high school students works with Eva Scalzo Academic Advising to successfully tackle the college admissions process and begin their path to lifelong success.


Eva Scalzo’s passion and drive for education began early in life when she attended Mater Dei High School, captained their CIF Championship swim team and graduated with highest honors. She learned early on the importance of hard work, honesty, integrity, drive and determination, and the impact these had on future success. Eva went on to attend Yale University where she was a member of their NCAA Division 1 swim team, winning Ivy League titles with her team while concurrently qualifying for the U.S. National Long Distance Team, training at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and being voted US National Team Captain . She graduated from Yale. After graduation, Eva’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to establish her own academic tutoring company in Orange County, California. While helping students reach their greatest academic potential, she was selected to be a member of Yale’s Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) to interview Yale candidates for admission, and was voted “Most Outstanding Member”of Yale’s ASC multiple times. In 2008, Eva founded Eva Scalzo Advising, shifting her focus to helping students navigate the complicated field of college admissions. By working with an extremely select group of candidates in the United States, Eva is able to provide unparalleled service and results in her field. Eva is a member of the Western Association of College Admissions Counselors (WACAC), and the National Association of College Admission Counselors (NACAC).

Freshman Year Planning Meeting (1)
- Discuss student’s academic and personal goals
- Review academic history
- Assist with high school course selection and planning
- Develop an extracurricular and community service plan
- Make suggestions for summer programs and enrichment
- Address any parent or student questions or concerns

Sophomore Year Planning Meetings (2)
- Review academic history
- Develop a three year action plan
- Discuss PSAT/ACT/SAT
- Create a college entrance exam timeline
- Review extracurricular and community service plan
- NCAA recruitment discussion
- Make suggestions for summer programs and enrichment
- Address any parent or student questions or concerns

Junior Year Planning Meetings (3)
- Review academic history and test scores/grades
- Discuss PSAT/ACT/SAT
- Assess extracurricular and other activities
- Review student’s likes, dislikes and needs for colleges
- Discuss factors in choosing a college
- Determine college options and visits
- Discuss creating a college list
- Evaluate summer enrichment and programs
- Discuss athletic recruitment (if necessary) and NCAA rules
- Assist with activities and spreadsheet preparation
- Address any parent or student questions or concerns

Senior Year Planning Meetings
- A custom-designed and highly personalized program that covers the A-Z of college applications and admissions

A La Carte Services :
Please contact us at (714)745-9487 for details on these types of services.


99% of students of Eva Scalzo Academic Advising are admitted to one of their top college choices annually

Client College Acceptance List
All Cal State Campuses / All UC Campuses / ASU / Auburn / Babson / Belmont University / Boise State / Bowdoin/ Brandeis / Brown / Bucknell / Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo / Chapman University / Claremont-McKenna / Clemson / Colgate / Colorado School of Mines / Colorado State / College of Charleston / College of William and Mary / Columbia / Concordia University / Cornell / Dartmouth / Drexel University / Duke / Du Paul / Emory / Florida State / Fordham / George Washington University / Georgia Tech/ Gonzaga / Hamilton / Harvard / Idaho State / Imperial College of London / Indiana University / Lehigh/ Louisiana State University / Loyola University / Loyola University New Orleans / LMU / Michigan State / MIT / Montana / Montana State / Northeastern / Northern Arizona University / Notre Dame / NYU /Occidental / Ohio State / Oregon State / Pacific Lutheran / Penn State / Pepperdine / Pitzer/ Point Loma University / Pomona / Princeton / Purdue University / Regis University / Rensallier / SMU / Stanford / Syracuse / TCU / Trinity/ Tufts / Tulane / University of Alabama / University of Arizona / University of Chicago / University of Colorado, Boulder / University of Delaware / University of Denver / University of Edinburgh / University of Georgia / University of Hawaii / University of Illinois / University of Leeds / University of Massachusetts-Amherst / University of Massachusetts-Boston / University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth / University of Miami / University of Michigan / University of Mississippi / University of Montana / University of North Carolina / University of Oregon / University of Pennsylvania / University of South Carolina / University of South Florida / University of Tennessee / University of Texas, Austin / University of Texas, Dallas / University of Utah / University of Virginia / University of Washington / University of Wisconsin / University of York / USC / Villanova/ Virginia Polytechnic Institute / Washington State / Wellesley College / Western Michigan/ Westmont / Yale

Essay Sanctuary®

Imagine a place…
where you could learn all the secrets to writing the perfect college essay to gain admission to your dream school.

Imagine a destination…
where you can get live feedback while writing your Common Application Essay months in advance of the application’s deadline.

Imagine a journey…
to an exclusive locale where you can escape the pressures of high school and embrace a serenity and mindfulness that can help you reconnect with yourself.


High school juniors and a parent will enjoy a weekend-long stay at Korakia Pensione in beautiful Palm Springs, internationally recognized as“One of the Top Boutique Hotels in the World.”

This serene and peaceful environment allows for physical, emotional and spiritual clarity while fostering the creative process. Please note that the sanctuary daytime program is for the teens only.

• Moroccan tea service each afternoon
• Swag bags and snack baskets
• A delicious made-to-order cooked breakfast daily
• Guest speaker
• Sound bath meditation and guided spiritual medication sessions
• Essay brainstorming exercises
• Educational sessions on the ins-and-outs of writing the perfect college essay
• Quiet writing time and free time
• Live essay feedback and edits all weekend
• Sunrise outdoor yoga on Sunday morning

This is an exclusive event with a very limited number of spots currently available.
Coming soon...

Find Your Story…

We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Palm Springs! If you have any questions about the retreat, please contact Eva Scalzo at (714)745-9487 or

Eva Vanity Fair
As featured in Vanity Fair
"College applications can be overwhelming, especially when navigating unfamiliar territory. Eva understands college admissions and follows the current trends. We had so many questions: early decision, early action, or regular decision? ACT, SAT, or none at all? What to do if admitted, but placed on a wait list? Eva was always accessible. She monitored deadlines while creating a schedule compatible with Katie’s busy senior year. She kept our daughter on pace with email reminders and meetings. Katie did not feel the panic so many seniors experience. Best of all was the individual attention. Eva took the time to get to know Katie while suggesting colleges we wouldn’t have considered. Ultimately, Katie was accepted to her first choice and it’s a perfect fit. Thank you Eva."
- Stacy Alyea parent to Katie Nehrir, Pepperdine University Class of 2027

"I'm thrilled...and I owe it all to you! Thank you for all your help and patience during this process. A lot of my friends were losing sleep and rushing to meet deadlines but you kept me organized and calm. I was worried about being waitlisted but I'm glad you encouraged me to take a deep breath and wait. "
- Katie Nehrir, Pepperdine University Class of 2027

"While I was initially apprehensive of the financial commitment for my freshman daughter at Newport Harbor, the outcome of the college advising process has been well worth the price of admission. My now senior daughter has walked the path with Eva for the past 4 years and as of today she is 8 for 9 on admissions to colleges. Even more value-add was sitting on the sidelines and being able to have healthy input on the process as opposed to having to navigate the application process with my daughter, so big thanks to Eva for taking that on. We appreciate you looking out for our daughter over these past 4 years and helping her navigate her way into her next phase of life."
- Andy Lukei, Father of Kali Lukei, San Diego State University Class of 2027

"Eva has a unique ability to illuminate the potential within her clients. I remember after first meeting, she pulled me aside and said “you have a fire in your eyes and can do anything you put your mind to”. Eva allowed me to see something in myself that I hadn’t seen before and enticed my ambition. She not only helped me get into my top college, but motivated me. I don’t know of any other college counselors that are willing go to the lengths that she does to help her clients. Without Eva’s expertise and guidance throughout the college admissions process, I would not be where I am today. I would strongly recommend Eva to anyone seeking a college counselor."
- Jena Dole, University of Texas Austin, Class of 2022

“With the help of Eva, I was able to get into my dream school. After meeting with various college counselors, Eva truly stood out as someone who prepared her clients for admission to top colleges. She was consistently available to answer questions and help edit essays. Her availability was extremely helpful in getting my applications done thoroughly and on time. I especially appreciate that she was honest and straightforward with me on all matters. Without Eva’s help, I truly would not have gotten into so many top universities.
- John Shepherd, USC, Class of 2022, Presidential Scholarship Recipient

“I just want to thank you for Carly and to say that we appreciate your encouragement, your thoughtfulness, your caring and being available at any time, day or night, to help her out. Both of us will always recommend you as a college counselor as both Carly and Griffin had a great experience with you. Thank you for supporting Carly, not only in her academic achievements, but in her dance and her Instagram. You will always have a place in our hearts!”
- Kathy, Parent to Carly, UCLA Class of 2022 and Griffin, UCSB, Class of 2019

As the parent of my first child to go through the college application process, I quickly realized how different the landscape was compared to my own application process in the late 80’s.  Fortunately for our family we were referred to Eva Scalzo, her college advising firm she founded, and the proprietary software system that anchors her services.  Eva’s background as an accomplished student athlete and her experience at Yale and as part of their ASC was an extremely helpful perspective for us.  She is deeply committed to ensuring that her students are prepared, and realistic about what it takes to navigate and succeed in the process.  I highly recommend Eva and her advisory business.
- Ted Walter, Daughter, Grace Walter, U of CO Boulder of 2023

“Eva, from the moment you came into my life eight (crazy!) years ago, I knew you would forever impact me for the better. I had no way of knowing, however, that you would mean so much to me. Thank you for taking on a role in my life that had a lot more to do with counseling me as a person than just guiding me through applications.”
- Konner Speth, UCLA, Class of 2022
“Eva’s guidance was absolutely instrumental in my college application process. My first email to her literally included the phrase “In all honesty, I’m not sure where to begin.” Three months later, I had a portfolio of schools that fit my interests, a sharp personal essay that had gone through countless rounds of edits, and a trusted advisor in Eva Scalzo. Two months after working with Eva, I was awarded a full scholarship to my top choice university and I have no doubt her counseling helped make that possible! I would highly recommend Eva’s work for any student looking to illuminate a path to an exciting academic future.”
- Zack Fowler, Duke University, Class of 2016
“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance these last few years! I am so happy that Kenna will be able to attend the college of her choice, and you had an integral part in that! Wow! Kaitlyn at NYU and Kenna at BU! You are amazing and truly appreciated.”
- Karol Dangaran, Parent to Kaitlyn, NYU, Class of 2021 and Kenna, BU, Class of 2023

Much appreciation and gratitude for all your help with Bella and her college applications! You truly are exceptional and a master at your craft! Thank you for everything! Christian, Stephanie, and Bella Walsh.
- Isabella Walsh, Class of 2021

“Eva Scalzo’s Advising program was absolutely incredible and helped me so much throughout all four years of high school. With Eva’s expert guidance, I was admitted to 14 top universities and earned up to $22,000 a year in various merit scholarships.”
- Sydney McKhann, University of San Diego, Class of 2025

"The college application process can be an intense and stressful time, but with the help of Eva Scalzo, I always felt ahead of the game. She helped me keep on top of things and was there for me throughout the entire process. She is extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of the application process and constantly updated me with articles to inform me of anything new. I cannot thank her enough for her tireless effort to help me succeed and for her help in getting me into my dream school, the University of Southern California with a great scholarship."
- Crash Collier, USC, Class of 2025

“Top Ivy League University alum, Eva Scalzo, is a must when it comes to getting your almost-graduate a leg upon the competition. She founded College Interview Bootcamp® and her plan is unbeatable. Eva preps high schoolers with interview skills, etiquette and real practice questions. Who better to give advice than an Ivy Leaguer herself?”
- Chris Gialanella, Modern Luxury / Riviera Magazine


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